Seven Ports

The Court and the Order

Admiral Halfblade,

By now you have received the report of our defeat at the hand of the Military Lumantis. I have returned to the rendezvous point with a handful of men, but no other members of our unit have arrived. I fear the worst.

A gravely wounded Eladrin name Quarion entered our camp by chance. He was a knight of the Summer court and was being pursed by a knight of the Winter court named Pryslenna. She attacked the camp, and we killed her. Quarion expired from his wounds. Before his death, he told us that Pryslenna was working with the Order of Cleansing Light and that they had taken a high-value hostage.

If this report is true, it is very disturbing. We have members of the Winter court fighting beside us in most of the legions. I do not know if this is isolated to Pryslenna, but her being such a high ranking official makes all of the court suspect. We are leaving camp to track the members of the Order that she was working with. Does the Winter court think they can escape Pelor’s purge? Perhaps recovering this hostage will shed some insights. Until then, take caution with members of the Winter court. It is sad to think that those we have been trying to protect may be working against us.

I will send word of our progress soon.

Csaba, Commander 2nd Legion


AndrewPenry AndrewPenry

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