Phineus Morbran

Oracle of the Old Gods, Harbinger of doubt


Human Cleric, Divine Oracle


Phineus’ mother died tragically during childbirth under circumstances that his father never shared. Curiosity about his mother lingered in his mind, and compelled him to learn about healing arts and history. Local priests of Pelor saw his aptitude with healing, and encouraged him to join the Church and study Divinity at the Grand University. After studying healing for several years, he joined the Military Luminatis, the service militia of the church. Although most of his assignments were charitable, he trained in combat and participated in a few skirmishes against bandits.

While on a Pilgrimage to the Southern Kingdom, Phineus banded up with some adventurers in order to make a small amount of money by hunting wolves with dire mange. While celebrating their success, a tall man accosted Phineus, demanding that he return a stolen hammer. Phineus has not stolen a hammer, but soon the confusion would become clear. A rift in time opened, and Phineus himself gave the slightly younger Phineus the Paradox Hammer. Through illusion and trickery, Istvan, the mayor of Dragonport, convinced the Adventurers to help him charge the Hammer in a blood ritual, supposedly to close the rifts in time that were causing panic and chaos throughout the World. Phineus traveled to the past and killed a demon with a swollen belly, but the demon facade was an illusion caused by Istvan. Phineus had killed his own mother while she was in labor. With the help of an Old God and the other Adventurers, Phineus defeated Istvan and claimed the Paradox Hammer.

Phineus remained a devoted Cleric of Pelor until the destruction of Dragonport. Soon after, while hunting a thief in the sewers of Brassport, he encountered a necromancer who could raise the dead using the power of Pelor. As he investigated this anomaly, he discovered that Pelor was answering the prayers of the wicked as well as the righteous, and that several of the passages of scripture that he knew by heart had been changed. Phineus began to doubt that the Pelor that others worshiped was the same one that he had grown to venerate. Perhaps Pelor himself had been changed by the rifts in time that had caused so much destruction and change. This doubt grew until finally, after witnessing ancient ancestral memories, he learned that the world existed far before Pelor, and that the only hope for the world was restoring the Old Gods to their power. Phineus became an Oracle for the Old Gods, wielding the Paradox Hammer as a mighty symbol for the responsibility of wielding massive power.

Phineus Morbran

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